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Dr. of  Chinese Medicine, Evolutionary Astrologer &

Daoist Mystic

About Vanessa

About Vanessa

I specialise in guiding individuals through significant life transitions—be it the tender moments of conception, pregnancy and childbirth, navigating the complexities of mid-life crises, life’s disappointments, or providing solace during challenging chapters like divorce, separation and loss. I can stand right in the fire with you and guide you back to your centre again. 

Meditation, chanting, sound, tea ceremony and Medical Qi Gong are not just routines but pathways to balance and inner peace. As a mentor, I guide individuals through these holistic practices, enriching their lives and empowering them to navigate life's transitions with resilience and grace.

As a healer, educator, and mentor, I invite you to join me on a transformative journey—a journey where...

Vanessa is a glorious gift. A wise woman with beautifully crafted offerings, of alchemy, celebration, insight, nourishment, transformation and wisdom. All worthy of a yes response and experiencing. Whether you require emotional, physical or psychological support, the presence and weave you receive will bestow you with greater awareness, embodiment, enhanced wellness, and a lingering lightness of being.

Amandala, Astrologer
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