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About Vanessa

I specialise in guiding individuals through significant life transitions—be it the tender moments of conception, pregnancy and childbirth, navigating the complexities of mid-life crises, life’s disappointments, or providing solace during challenging chapters like divorce, separation and loss. I can stand right in the fire with you and guide you back to your centre again. 

Meditation, chanting, sound, tea ceremony and Medical Qi Gong are not just routines but pathways to balance and inner peace. As a mentor, I guide individuals through these holistic practices, enriching their lives and empowering them to navigate life's transitions with resilience and grace.

As a healer, educator, and mentor, I invite you to join me on a transformative journey—a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern guidance, and where the holistic experience of healing is intertwined with the art of living.

For over two decades, I have devoted my life to the art and science of healing. As an accomplishedacupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, my journey has unfolded like a tapestry woven with threads of ancient wisdom and integrative medicine. With an undergraduate degree and Masters degree in Health Science/Acupuncture, I have further enriched my understanding through lecturing and educating at the tertiary level. 

Moreover, my journey spans two fruitful decades, during which I have deeply immersed myself  in the embodiment and teachings of more esoteric practices. These include astronomy, astrology, meditation, breath work, Acutonics and sound healing, Jungian psychology and storytelling, yoga, kundalini, qigong, ritual and ceremony, creating a holistic approach to healing and health optimisation.  I am not only a practitioner of acupuncture but also an astrological counsellor, supporting my clients to navigate the cosmic realms and cyclical nature to offer an accurate and unique perspective on life's journey. I find solace in the wisdom of the stars, planets, and luminaries, using their guidance to provide an objective view of life's intricate circumstances.

Each week, I curate small gatherings tailored to the season, astrology, and cosmic cycles. These sanctuaries aim to foster mental, physical, and emotional well-being for the incredible women who grace them. Drawing inspiration from qi gong, meditation and sound healing I create spaces that honor the natural rhythms of life and how we can find inner peace during times of turbulence, change and the unexpected.  These weekly gatherings build into monthly “Tea and Astrology” gatherings and quarterly 1 day retreats. Nature is not just a backdrop but an integral part of my healing approach. Whether amidst the dew of dawn, by the riverside, or under the phases of the moon, wheel of the sun,  or seasons change.  I conduct rituals, meditation practices and ceremonies that align with the natural rhythms of life, offering a profound connection to the world around us and a way to cultivate energy and inspiration. Beyond the treatment room, I am a dedicated educator, mentor and confident. Each acupuncture session is not just a healing ritual but an opportunity for profound learning.


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